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Review policy

Due to the fact that I get paid from a lot of publishers to review their book that if you would like me to review your book for free please read the following: (ebooks only, please; I keep things biblio-centric around here,  I also do product reviews/videos. Please contact me thru email if you are interested in sending me a product to review.  I am a stay at home mom living the dream so, on a good day I can read about a book or 2 a day. so i have a lot of books waiting to be reviewed, and have a waiting list. If the right book presents itself I will bump it up. I will book blog tours and currently promoting book cover openings for authors who i enjoyed their books. I will do giveaways if you are also interested.

What kind of books do you accept for review?
I read a variety of books in most genres, although my favorites are erotic fiction, young adult, and woman's fiction. I will read honestly, almost any book. I love, love love, Indie authors! so if this fits under you, YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!!! 

What kind of products do I review?

I will review almost any product that does not  go against any of my views or bias. I am an avid amazon reviewer and will look up your product before answering a request.
 What about e-books and audiobooks?
I greatly prefer e-book review copies, but I am willing to consider paperbacks. I’ll happily consider audiobooks for review.

What should I do before making a request?
Send me an Email at Theundercoverreviewer@!Take a look through my archives! Personalized requests that come from people who have clearly spent time browsing through my site are always appreciated, and are taken more seriously than generic form requests. I am also involved with lots of publisher website, I.E. Netgalley, above the treeline, Steam E reads, etc...

What if I don’t hear from you?
Real-life time constraints means that I can’t always respond to every query e-mail as quickly as I like, and that I can’t accept every book/product  that looks interesting. If you don’t hear from me please send me an email because i will respond to every request and let you know in advance how long it will take.

What do you do other than reviews?
I’m happy to host author Q&As, giveaways, etc. to go along with my review. However, please note that I do not do “book features” for books that I haven’t read and reviewed. This site is a first and foremost a venue for me to share my opinions about what I read, and I’m not comfortable featuring books about which I have no personal knowledge.

What if you don’t like the book/product?
I do my best to accept only books that I think I will enjoy. However, I honestly review every book /product that I read/use , and my acceptance of a review copy/product does not guarantee a positive review. In cases where I did not enjoy a book/product  as much as I thought I would, I always do my best to describe my reasons in such a way that my readers can draw their own conclusions about whether or not the book would be a good fit for them.

What if you really don’t like the book or product?
In the very rare case that a book and I don’t get along to the extent that I can’t finish it, I will contact the author/company and we will work on this current issue.. I will also occasionally hold giveaways to pass along ARCs that I have already read and reviewed.

Where will your review be posted?
All reviews will be posted here, as well as at goodreads, amazon, and anywhere else that you are requesting. I will also make a youtube video if requested.

When will your book review be posted?
Although I cannot guarantee how quickly I will read and review books, I do my best to review ARCs before or shortly after their publication date; other review copies are reviewed in the order they are received. If the date I post my review is important, let me know, and we can work out a schedule, although sufficient lead time (books received at least a month before the desired review date) is always appreciated.

When will your product be reviewed and posted?

Although I cannot guarantee a quick review do to life happens I can guarantee a 14-30 day review posted on all websites depending on my request load. I can post quicker if need be for a product opening day.

as always don't be afraid to leave me a comment. if you ask on here i will also respond!