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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30 days of no gossip

 30 Days of No Gossip by Stephanie Faris

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

this was a very great book. It was a easy read, and i know that middle schools would love to read this book.

this books starts off with a girl named "Maddie" she has a problem with gossip. if there was something going on in middle school, she knew about it. Maddie even writes for a paper called that Troy Tattler. Which is a gossip newspaper that she writes and hands out to everyone before school starts. Maddie only spreads gossip because she wants to be popular.

Maddie has a best friend named VI. She told Maddie a secret about liking a boy. Maddie takes it upon herself to walk up to that boy and tell them that Vi like him. The word got around so fast that when one of the girls from school walked up to Vi, and asked her if it was true, she flipped out.

Maddie wanted to stay friends with Vi so she took her up on her bargain to not spread gossip for 30 whole days. That seemed easy right?! the problem with that was a tv producer came to the school asking questions to the principle. Maddie saw the lady, and Took it upon herself to ask questions. The producers name was Ms. Golden. She was a 24 hour makeover tv star

Maddie let it slip that their middle school was going to be on tv so now Maddie had to deal with the principle who threaten to shut down the production, and also her soon to me ex best friend Vi when she finds out that her favorite tv show was going to be at her school, and she was last to find out again.

Can Maddie change her ways before the show starts or will the school ban her from being able to star in the show? Maddie does that next best thing that changes everything!