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Saturday, September 21, 2013

book review: Lash (Broken Angel #1)

 Lash by L.G. Castillo                                       

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

OMG! WOW!! this was a great book!!!!!!

This book is a little hard to follow at first, but it all flows together in the end. At first i didn't think i was going to finish the book and then i got like 40% thru the book, and i was hooked!

This book is about a man named Lash. He is an angel. He was sent on an assignment to watch over a little boy. He was on a airplane by himself, and the plane was going to crash. Lash's job was to make sure the boy gets off o.k. While he was watching this little boy he noticed a 12 year old girl who was comforting him. He felt like this little 12 year old was a innocence. So, he went above his orders and saved the little boy, and the little girl.

When he went back to heaven he was in trouble. the girl was not suppose to have been saved. She had other plans. He was ordered out of heaven. So now Lash was a fallen angel. 35 years went by and all lash did was drink a lot of alcohol and sleep with tons of human women. His best friend Raphael came over and told him he has an assignment and this one will make him be able to go back home if he doesn't mess it up.
Lash was sent to look over a girl named Naomi. He was told to do whatever possible to make sure this girl is not hurt. It was a little weird to hear of a human to make sure she was not hurt. So Lash looked up the girl's address, and started following her around. He quickly realized that the girl he was suppose to watch over was the daughter of the man he saved so many years ago. He wants to know if their is a connection, but no one would tell him. Since no one can see him unless he wants to it is trying to figure out why the grandmother can see him. This is the second time the grandmother has seen him. She tells everyone that she has a guardian angel.
Well, Naomi is in a bad place. Her father was killed by the senator. She was drinking and driving and they covered it up. They blamed the accident on her father and she wanted revenge. Her mother died when she was in school, and now her father. She has no one left. She couldn't eat, sleep, or even go to work. She knew what she was going to do. Naomi tried to kill herself. Lash was no where around. He was down the street until he saw Naomi's cousin run over with the emergency crew. HE knew now that he wasn't going to fail and something was wrong. He saw the doctor get paid off at the hospital and knew Naomi was in danger, but why. He realized that the devil was after Naomi. He also knew that the Senator was the helper for the devil. Why was this human so great?
He was told by Raphael that he needed to get the girl to the safe house. Naomi has a plan, and she cannot be hurt. Little did everyone know that Lash is in love with Naomi. He didn't want to leave her when his job was done, and he knew he had to. Now When Lash thought all his friends from heaven left them they all come together to help Lash complete this assignment. The only problem is that the devil was lash and Naomi to go over to his side. He shows Lash memories from another life. Lash is mad, and thinks that this might be a good idea.

Will lash complete his task, and go back to heaven or will he and Naomi go to the dark side?