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Monday, September 30, 2013

comsume me giveaway and blog tour!!!

Emma O'Connor's interest in bondage and submission has led her to the training program at Devoured. With past sexual experiences less than par, Emma wants nothing more than to submit to a Master. With her need for pleasure and her desire to please, Emma finds herself exploring the desires that have remained subdued; although unsure if she could make a good submissive.
 Marcus, the Dom in charge of the training program at Devoured, is more than interested in the feisty submissive. When Emma walks in for her interview, Marcus knows he's met his match. Consumed by nothing but thoughts of her, Marcus begins to doubt his ability to stay in control and his previous stance on collaring a submissive. Marcus finds himself unsure of his feelings for Emma, and his responsibility to the other trainees.
 When a threat surfaces against Emma and her past comes back to haunt her, Marcus must admit his feelings for her in order to protect her, or risk losing her forever.
 Join Marcus, Emma, and the rest of the Devoured Club Doms and Subs in the second installment of the Devoured Club Series.

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Excerpt 1:
            “Yes, sir, I am ready.” Her voice was laced with need and desire. The musky smell from her arousal filled my senses as I grabbed my flogger off the bed.
                I began to run it over her body, lightly grazing her back and ass, the inside of her thighs, and even through her pussy. The motion was meant to awaken her skin and desensitize it prior to me picking up the impact of the whip. I chose a low intensity flogger, one that would have a lighter sting and more thud than a thicker flogger. I wanted to start her off slow, and build her tolerance up. She had mentioned that one of her biggest fantasies was to be restrained against a St. Andrew’s cross and flogged until she came. I would make that fantasy come true, but for now, baby steps, so to say.
                I continued to run the flogger over her, teasing her while alternating between grazing and light strikes against her skin to awaken it, prepare it for the heavier strikes.
                “Sub, tell me why you hesitated earlier in the lounge?” I ran my hands over her breasts, pausing to feel them roll through my fingers, pinching her nipples before I picked up the flogger and continued on. Her body swayed toward me, yearning for more.
                “Sir…I um…” her response fragmented as I lightly struck her thigh with the flogger.
                “I’m waiting, pet. Answer me.” I growled back while landing the flogger on her ass.
                “Sir…Public nudity brought back a bad memory, sir, I’m sorry. I won’t hesitate again.” Her voice was shaky, as if she was trying to hide something. I picked up the speed and rhythm of the impacts, varying the positions from her ass to her back to her thighs. I paused to give her body a break, and her head sagged onto my shoulder.
                I ran my fingers over her sex, to find her wetness dripping down her leg.  “We will talk about that in more detail later, but one more question before I allow you to come.”
                “Yes, sir?”

Excerpt 2:
“What are you doing here, Marcus?” I asked as I made my way around him to go and lock the door.
“I wanted to see you, Emma. Nothing wrong with that, either.” His hand caught my abdomen as I tried to maneuver my way back around him, pulling my back tight to his chest. “You smell good.”
I tried to pull away, but his arms held me tight. “I smell like frosting, pastry and cake batter. But, hey, whatever floats your boat.” I shrugged my shoulders as he let me go. I headed to the work table to put away the fondant pieces.
Marcus had stopped in the door way, and was now leaning against it. The man was hot, and even though I tried hard to not let my libido be affected by him, I failed. Miserably. His dark hair currently hung down over his forehead into his eye, as he watched me place the fondant pieces onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. “Want help?” he offered standing straight and walking toward the counter.
“It would go faster. Soooo…” I let the word linger in the air. “Again, why are you here?”
“Well,” he started as he washed his hands and took another cookie sheet from my pile, then looked around for the parchment paper. “I wanted to see you. See if you maybe wanted to grab some food.” He looked up at me, and I handed him the roll of parchment and continued placing my pieces onto my sheet.
“I already ate, but thanks anyway.” I finished filling up the sheet I was working on, and began toward the walk-in.
“Why are you being so cold tonight?” I heard him ask as I entered the refrigerator. I paused before answering. Why was I being a bitch? It wasn’t like we weren’t talking.
“I guess I just can’t read you, Marcus. One minute it’s ‘I want to be professional’ and the next minute, you’re texting me all the time, and showing up. It’s confusing, that’s all. And, to top it off, you haven’t told me much about you.” I returned to the metal workstation and pulled another cookie sheet. There were about three hundred fondant pieces that needed to be put away. As I grabbed the parchment paper, I turned, and walked into Marcus’s rock hard chest. I hadn’t even heard him move to me.
“There’s nothing to be confused about, Emma. I enjoy your company, and I want to see you outside of the club.” His hands encircled my waist and pulled me tight to him. His fingers grazed my chin and tilted my head up to look at him. “As for me, ask away. Anything you want to know, I will tell you. But first…” His eyes bore into mine, and I felt the familiar buzz of electricity hum between us.
Excerpt 3:
Marcus placed me in the middle of the king sized bed. He moved back and swept his eyes up and down my body. My skin felt like it was on fire, every nerve ending was alert and ready for his touch.  I watched him as he shut his eyes and try to regain control.
“Sir?” I asked with anticipation. I was hoping that he would continue. I was as wet as a cat in the rain but happier than one. I wanted him bad. Part of me knew that I shouldn’t let myself get too close – that had ended badly once before – but there was something about him that drew me right into the line of fire.
“Emma, you don’t know what you do to me.” His voice was rough and his body was stiff. He got off the bed and walked over to the armoire on the other side of the room. When he turned around, I saw that he had a blindfold with him.
My pussy clenched in excitement. I enjoy being blindfolded, and the idea of my other senses being heightened made my orgasms that much stronger, well, at least the couple of times that I had agreed to it. I watched as Marcus walked back over to the side of the bed.
“I’m going to blindfold you, okay?”
“Yes, sir.” I nodded and sat up so that he could easily secure it around my eyes.
His hands brushed my hair out of my face and tied the material tightly so that it would not fall down. His fingers lightly grazed down the sides of my neck and over my shoulders before caressing the base of my neck and the tops of my breasts. A shiver ran through me under his light and seductive touch. It was enough to tease my skin but not hard enough to fully acknowledge the motion.
“You are so beautiful.”


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