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Saturday, November 30, 2013

book review: Deeper by Robin York

 Deeper by Robin York                                        5 amazing stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

this is another reason why i love new adult books! I found myself feeling sorry for the main character.

Caroline was a great kid. her father was a judge, and he had high hopes for her. she was going to be a lawyer then going to make her way to congress. that was until the worst thing could happen.
Caroline broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. they were together in high school but grown apart in college. Nate couldn't handle the brake up, so he posted pictures of Caroline naked. they were attached to everyone at the college. her life was now over. she would never get accepted into law school now.
after weeks of depression she was ready to start over. she was able to get most of the pictures deleted with her knowledge of the law, and people were slowly starting to forget. she would get a bing on her phone if any new pictures would pop up.
her roommate was a big help and wanted her to make more friends and get out there. that id when she ran into west. he was the bad boy that you love. who doesn't live the bad boy! west sold drugs out of  the bakery were he worked. his house was the center for parties and he was a ladies man. Caroline like him, but her dad forbid her to hang out with him. west somehow always comes and saves the day for Caroline. she told him that they cannot be friends. secretly she wants to date him so bad.
Caroline isn't the only one who has problems. west has to take care of his little sister over 1000 miles away. his mother was not a food mom and always makes bad choices leaving him to worry about her. their father will come into their lives just to take everything away and run off again. this is why West never gets serious with anyone. he was going to school to be a doctor so everything could change.
west has Caroline work with him at the bakery on terms they were not friends. the more they work together the more they fall for each other. thus book shows the back and forth of their relationship and the family issues they must go thru to  be together.
lets not forget the jealous ex boyfriend who cant take no for an answer. this book will hook you have have you yelling in no time!