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Monday, January 20, 2014

review: a bad boy is good to find

 A Bad Boy is Good to Find by Jennifer Lewis                            

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

ok, i have to start off by saying that this book bored me up until the end...

I honestly couldn’t stand the heroine, Lizzie. seriously, it was your typical rich good girl, who is not skinny and everyone walks all over her. then you can't help but feel bad when something bad happens to her, but you know it was going to happen, because it was just to good to be true.. then throughout the whole book is turns into a totally bitch....

Conroy on the other hand, i also had mixed emotions. Right from the beginning he was using her because of her money. he had a huge plan to marry her, make her happy, then follow thru with his plan. what a complete douche-bag, then when you read further they want you to feel sorry for him..... REALLY... these two were meant for each other...

o.k. i am getting a head of myself. let me start off by saying that Lizzie was rich. her family was rich by a family company. her father was using her and ended up getting arrested for fraud. Now, she has no money. her father also told her that she could not marry her love of her life Conroy because he does not fit the profile for the family image..
Lizzie in return runs back to her love of her life to tell him that she was now broke, but she still has high hopes for them to be together because she was ready to be a normal person with loans, debt, and struggles. little did she know that Conroy had something else in mind. He left her..
now you will follow Lizzie in her demize of being poor. racking up tons of credit card debt and horrible press. Conroy feels bad for her and knows that she needs a friend and also someone to help her survive. he will hunt her down and kidnap to till she sees the error in her ways..
the two will come up with a plan to make money. they will get the newspaper or t.v show to pay them to get married and they will be rich. she plans this huge event and tracks down Conroy's old family town to make his life miserable because it was pay back for what he did.
these two will also have lots of sex, even though they are angry with each other they always have time for make up sex. they will argue and try to one up each other. it was kind of funny to see everything ravel out, but also annoying because i was tried of reading the pity me party.

you will also find out about the family secrets that Conroy has, this will stir a lot of new trouble and drama. Lizzie will find out that she has a heart after all, and that she feels bad for all the wrong doing she has been doing. Conroy will have to face his secrets and finally be able to figure out what he wants out of life.
there is a lot of new people that will come and go with their own form of drama that you will want to read about. i know you will want to stop reading it, but keep going because it does get good and then slow down again..