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Friday, January 31, 2014

review: GUILT

 GUILT by Shameyn Dones   the best book i read this year :)

o.k, this was amazon freebie, and guess what?! it is still free. you HAVE TO BUY THIS BOOK. oh, and a box of tissues!!!

this book is a very quick book, so i don't understand why you wouldn't take 10 minutes out of your day to read it! this book is an emotional journey about a teenage girl. it was her 16th birthday. she was all ready to hang out with her best friend and her boyfriend.

her plans had changed when her mother asked her to watch her sister. she went behind her fathers rules and invited her friends over. she was with her sister in the pool when she left her sister to kiss her boyfriend in the kitchen..

after that day she would never be the same. her parents hated her, she couldn't look at her boyfriend anymore, the other person she had left was her best friend. sometimes, that just wasn't enough...

after an losing attempt of killing herself, she is know talked about at school. she was called a freak, her parents still hated her, her father beats her, no one wants her. she couldn't live with herself. no one could help her know. she knew then what she needed to do...