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Monday, February 24, 2014

review: picture me

 Picture Me by Lori Weber             2 out of 5 stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

o.k. this book is about bullying. I wanted to like this book, but i just couldn't get into it. this book follows 3 people's POV. two of which are best friends, and the other is the enemy.

first off we have Krista, she is over weight and is getting bullied by the popular girls in school. she has this pity me attitude that everyone needs to feel bad for her. the only problem is that she really isn't doing anything to better herself. her family eats out every night. also, she never stands up for herself she is just letting this happen. i am sorry i honestly felt like saying, either deal with it or move on!

so, now after a horrible incident at school she secretly bought weight loss pills, and are taking way to may, she is loosing some of the weight, but in the mean time she is getting really sick. her family has no idea what is going on... until...

next off we have Krista's best friend Tessa. she is normal as normal can be. except she is a nerd. she gets good grades and takes care of her sister. her father died in the army and now is just living with their mother. they do not talk about their father, but still have a great family. now, Tessa hates when Krista gets bullied. she stands up for her and even gets into fights for her. the other things she feels like she cannot stop is Kirsta and her weight loss pills.
things started to get messy when the bully that Tessa attacked started on her and her sister. now she needs to take matters into her own hands. when her uncle comes to visit she will learn what she needs to know to survive.

lastly, we have Chelsea. she is a bully. she is pretty and everyone knows it. she takes pictures of Krista all the time and photo shops them and posts them all over the school. she thinks that she is helping because if Krista sees how horrible she is that she would want to do something about it. after getting suspended for 2 weeks she now knows what she wants to do.

all Chelsea sees is her 20 year old boyfriend. he tells her how pretty she is and how one day she will be a model. he buys her nice clothes and takes her with him to deliver pizzas. she thought everything was going good until he started to get mean and abusive. the funny thing is when she was in need, Tessa was there to save the day. will this start a new friendship?