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Saturday, March 1, 2014

review: two doors down

Two Doors Down by Lisa Marie    4 out of 5 stars

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

I have to say I actually loved this book. It has a lot of truth in it. this book is about a girl "Mel" who is 31 years old. she just got divorced and has a little boy. she never really had another boyfriend because her husband was her first real boyfriend. now he left her for a 19 year old barbie. if that doesn't punch a hole in your ego, what will!

She is now moved into a little apartment because she couldn't let her son move schools. now she was able to go back to work. the only thing she knows how to do is waitress. She really doesn't have to work because of the money that her ex husband is paying her in child support, but she wants to make sure that they do not have to want for anything.

now Mel is going thru a hard time because one is all alone and lonely. Two, she still can't get over her husband dating someone that young. that was until she met her neighbor. His name is Zack. he is in college and also plays in a band. he offered his help when she was moving stuff into her apartment. he now takes time to play football with her son, and she cooks him dinner as a thank you for helping. she notices that she is starting to feel for him. she tells herself that she cannot like this guy because he is like a child.

Lets talk about Mel's mother. she is horrible. i know a lot of moms that are like this and believe me i am glad my mom is normal. Mel's mom does not believe in divorce. she thinks no matter what a woman should stick it out and deal with all issues. even if cheating is one of them. Mel couldn't talk her mother into the fact that her husband cheated on her numerous times and it was time to end it. her mother told her that he will come back when he gets what he needs! can you believe that! her mother will tell her anything to make her feel bad. like, her new job, apartment, and also the young man that she is now having sex with.

Mel will have to figure out how to tell her son that she is dating the neighbor, and also herself before she screws it up. she keeps sabotaging her life and hoping that things will go back to the way that they were. along the way Mel will meet some really good friends who will give her great advice. When Mel finally figures out what she wants in life will it be to late? lets add to the fact that her husband comes knocking back at her door...