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Saturday, May 3, 2014

review: The future of us

 The Future of Us by Jay Asher     5 wonderful stars
I LOVE THIS AUTHOR!!!!! i waited so long for my library to get this book from another library :)

this book follows 2 people's P.O.V's. this is a mix between time travel and teenage romance. animated gifs photo: Super Mario Bros mario-1.gif

This book will follow Emma. she is dating a guy who she doesn't like, and is having a hard time breaking up with him. She just recently got a computer from her father and is getting ready to use the internet for the first time. When she logs in she notices a webpage called facebook. she realizes that their is a lady with the same name as her but 15 years ahead. the picture looks just like her and it says she is married. she thinks this is a trick. the only person she can think of is her neighbor and old best friend josh.

Josh has been friends with Emma for as long as he can remember. Emma and josh use to never be apart until last summer when he tried to make a move on her. She told him that this would never happen because Josh is just Josh. rejected photo: rejected tumblr_m12j9mmWap1qztwte.gif
needless to say that they have not hung out for over 6 months. that was until Emma asked him to come over. He was shocked to find out about this website. He couldn't believe someone would pull a prank that good. He told Emma that this couldn't be a prank because the pictures were recent. That is when he found his facebook. he was married to the prettiest most popular girl in school.

o.k. here is where all the fun stuff happens!! Emma and josh noticed that if they think hard enought and change their daily patterns that can alter what their facebook profiles turn out in the future. they made a pack to not look at facebook unless they are together. Emma decided she wanted a better life and was dead set on changing her future. She was obsessed with this new website. meanwhile she noticed that her feelings for josh were getting stronger. Josh was to excited about marrying the popular girl that he made the first move and talked to her. now she wants his phone number.
this future thing is getting intense to the point where josh and Emma are getting jealous of each other futures. Will their new growing love ruin their new budding friendship? will looking at their friends profile ruin everyone Else's future? can Emma fix a broken future in the making?