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Sunday, June 29, 2014

review: The professional: part 1

 The Professional by Kresley Cole

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This book is a three part book, and words cannot express how i need the next part right now..

To me, this was a quick enjoyable read. there was suspense, romance, and very little smut. This book kept you on your toes, and also made you a little mad...

Natalie porter is in college to finish her PHD. She also hired an investigator to find her father and mother. She never heard back from him after giving him lots of money. So, after tons of email, she thought she was scammed and gave up. She was out with here friends enjoying her gift. Natalie had a gift of reading men. She could tell her friends everything they needed to know about a man by just looking at him.

This made to be a fun game to Natalie roommate. Natalie would make whore jokes, and her roommate would make fun of her for being a virgin. Natalie didn't really care about the jokes. she couldn't find a man that met her standards to want to give it up. That was until she eyed a man she couldn't read..

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"The Siberian", named Sevastyan was at the same bar as Natalie. She walked over to him and introduced herself, and tried to by him a drink. he made fun of her and left. Sevastyan later showed up at Natalie's house and kidnapped her and put her on a plane to Russia. He told her that he was her bodyguard and he was taking her to meet her father. She liked him, and wanted to have sex with him.. So the games begin... Natalie will find out that her father is a mafia boss, and she will be stuck in the house until it is safe...Natalie will go from being poor to worth billions will she be able to adjust?
this story will follow their sexual tension for each other, but they cannot have each other because of her father. He told her that he only plays games by his rules. Now, after finding out that she was a virgin he now wanted to claim her. She wants him, but her father has other plans for her. Will this turn into a romeo and Juliet story?
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