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Thursday, August 7, 2014

review: Anniversary Kill by Alexandra Allred

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5 who done it stars!!!!

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

This was a very good quick read! this story has a Stephanie Plum feel, and I love how it is changed to how i wanted a main character!!!

Allie is a stay a home mom. Her girlfriend, Rea Ann wanted her to say home and take care of their 2 children. Allie, on the other hand misses the action of working. So, when they need a private investigator Allie comes in and saves the day, they even pay for her babysitter!!

Allie has a thing for solving weird murder mysteries. She likes to read the paper, and then try's to solve these problems. Well, this new case involves her neighbor. Mickey Callahan owns a bar, but for some reason last year his partner was murdered, and no one was arrested for it. Mickey got full control of the bar, and now someone was out to get him. He claims he was carjacked and taken to his house where they tied him to a tree and burned his house down. The only problem is that their was a homeless man found dead in his house. Everyone thinks he did this just to collect home insurance money. This is were Allie comes in.
Allie, knew something was up before anyone called her. She wanted to figure this out on her own. Things just didn't add up. Like where was his dog? why didn't he stay at his girlfriends house? His father was a bookie at a horse track, and his partner had a gambling problem. See, catch my drift?! Well, Allie is getting closer to solve this crime, and things start happening to her. Someone is trying to kill her. Allie is also feeling the stresses from home. She is not getting the help she needs from her girlfriend, and she is taking it out of her when she has to be a mom.
Can Allie solve this murder, and also save her relationship? or, will help from a new friend change everything?! this story will have you guessing to the very end and leave you with your mouth dropped and shocked!