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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

review: calculated exposure by Holley Trent

Calculated Exposure by Holley Trent

 3 i am bummed stars...

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

alright, first off I have to say that this book wasn't for me.

I could not connect with this book at all, honestly I felt like there was something missing, and i was confused right off the bat.

this story is about two people who are quite alike, they both don't like relationships and are trying to figure out their life. They each have a past that they want to keep secret, but their problems keep creeping up.
Erica goes to western Europe to find her inspiration. little did she know that a man was going to be just that. One day while she was walking around trying to find something to photograph that she got knocked over by two kids. The man that was watching these two kids was a sexy man. After having a nice conversation with him, she found out that he was going back to the U.S.A for school. She offered him a no strings attached fun. Later while she was at work, a woman walked in and she struck up conversation about her husband. Erica quickly found a new friend. she invited Erica to dinner and she gladly accepted. When she got their she wasn't expecting him!
Curt saw the woman of his dreams at his best friend's house. She slammed him against the wall and almost molested him, but right when things started to get hot she left and gave him her business card and told him to call her. He avoided her until one day she looked him up and called him. Everything will change after that.
Erica and Curt will have lots of hot and steamy sex, but things will be strange when his past comes to haunt him and he jumps on a plane and leaves without saying goodbye. When She confronts him he tells her that they have nothing going on so why would he need to check in with her. That hurt a lot.
Meanwhile, Erica doesn't like her job, but doesn't know what to do next. her past is stopping her from getting the dream job, and her current boss is black mailing her to stay. How will see be able to get around her boss, and get the job that she wants? will she finally convince Curt that they should be together? Or will she do what she does best?