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Sunday, September 21, 2014

review: Blood orange soda by James Larranaga

 Blood Orange Soda by James Michael Larranaga   4 orange soda stars!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I honestly loved this book. be warned that it has a very sad ending!

Darius is a normal goth kid. the word "goth" has a different meaning where he lives. You see, if you have a human dad and a vampire mom you have the choice of being a vampire or staying a "normal" So, the government will give you money to be on this pills called reds. These pills stop you from being a vampire, and give you the blood that you need not to have cravings. Once you choose to be a vampire you would stop taking this pills and within 9 months you will be a full vampire. Now, let me explain it is illegal to bite a human. you have to be 18 before but now the government doesn't want any biting. If you are a vampire and register yourself you can get a pint of blood a month for free.

Now, that you have some history their has a been a lot of robberies with the blood banks. No one knows who is doing it, but it is now on the street. Darius mom is ill with the HIV 2 virus. She got it from Darius father. he turned into a vampire and ended up leaving because he wanted to be with numerous woman thus giving their mother that disease.

Darius only has 3 friends. weezer who is also waiting to decide when he wants to be a vampire, and Angel. she is a normal who is poplar, but has been a faithful friend to them forever. She is Darius angel. she stops all the bullies from hurting him badly. Darius has recently become famous on YouTube for fighting a bully. he got a lucky shot in and now their is a big fight brewing. His uncle went to the black market and bought him orange soda. To vampires it is a boost in the transformation phase. it gives your a jump on your sense and for a human it gives you rage and strength.

Their is a new girl in school named Shelby she is going to the phase to become a vampire and she likes Darius. The problem is that she wants to bite him. Biting to a vampire world is huge. your first bite you will imprint with them. If they love you back they will be indebted to you forever. If you are a human and you were bitten and you love that vampire, you will change. Darius now is drinking the soda because his mother doesn't want him to be stuck with someone when he is 16. Shelby is mad because she feels he doesn't like her back. Well, Darius finally asks out Shelby and his friends are started to change. Weezer and Angel started dating and Darius is getting jealous. One night Angel will kiss him while he is still with Shelby leaving him with a bunch of questions.

the night of his big fight with his bully, he also has a party with Shelby for the both of them transforming. Darius will find out the truth about Shelby's intention, and his plan to help his mother will come in full force. what is the plan you ask? I cannot tell you but it has to do with her first bitten!!!! This huge fight will back fire and Darius has to risk everything to save the one he loves. who is it you ask? read and find out!!!