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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

review: Caress ( the dining room # 6)

 Caress by Marina Anderson 4 who wants it more stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

another great short story leaving off when one begin..

Grace is on her last table tonight. She is excited because she and David are getting closer and closer with their relationship. David is stuck because he loves Grace, but is weighing is options because he knows he will get bored of her and why cause her the heartbreak. David realizes that amber and Andrew are plotting against Grace and that makes him nervous because if she passes tonight she will have a chance at 5th table and take over the dining club. He knows that amber and him have a good thing going on for over 10 years and he doesn't know if he is ready for a change. it is time for him to think if grace is going to pass this test today or not..

meanwhile Andrew takes it upon himself to see Grace before it was time to go the the dining club. he went to the play that he knew she was going to find out what she likes so he can seduce her. Andrew ended up in Grace's house only to tell her that David was plotting against her and that he has strong feelings for her. grace knew what he was up to and called him out for almost failing for last test. She was mad at him and kicked him out of the house. the only good news that she got out of him was how David purposely made his last girlfriend fail and that this last test goes the whole weekend. Grace is made that David did not tell her that. She is determined to pass this test. she needs David.

Graces test was a hard one. She has to please the twin in less than a half hour. She knows this is hard. When she notices that amber, Andrew, and David want her to fail she remembers the tricks that they like from previous test to get her a one up on the game. now that she only has one test to go she is wondering why David is trying so hard to make her fail. what else could go wrong!