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Monday, September 15, 2014

review: Heavenly killers (roseville vampires # 1)

Heavenly Killers by Brighton Hill 5 grease meets lost boys stars

this was a very good book. It was a mix between grease and the lost boys

this story is about 2 sisters who are moving for their father. their father is a drunk and also abusive. their mother ran off and they are not allowed to bring this up.
Violet meet a boy named Radley. He looks like bad boy type and her father does not approve. He tells her that she is never allowed to see him again. Then that was it of their summer fling. The problem was that she was in love. One night a crow tried to get into her room. She let it in and it gave her a rose neck less with some red liquid in it. She didn't know what it was. She thought it was pretty and she then never took it off.
Ariel, her sister was a total opposite. She loved to sleep around and had a new boyfriend every week. She wasn't happy about going to a new school, but quickly got herself a boyfriend. The good news was the new school they went to they both made friends with the same group.
Ariel ran away from home one night and when she returned she looked totally different. Violet was getting mad because she felt like her friends were keeping something from her. Violet ended up seeing Radley at school. He was totally different from when she saw him last. He was hanging out with a gang, and told everyone that she was a whore. She still loved him.
All of her new friends wanted her to sell her the neck less that she wore. She would not give it up. Little did she know that was Radley's life line and if he didn't get it back he would die, yes my friends they are all vampires. Violet has no idea what they are. The leader of the vampire group lord dyson finally met violet. He wanted her. He had a thing for virgins, and since she was 18 and a virgin her blood was very sweet. her friends were doing everything they can to keep her safe. that was until her new best friend got a creative idea...