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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

review: moms night out by Tricia Goyer

 Mom's Night Out by Tricia Goyer  5 if you are a mom you can relate stars!!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

OMG THIS BOOK!!! I just found out that they made a movie, and i have to see it!! I apologize if I am not to detailed. This story is like a girls version of the hangover but if i go into detail i will ruin the fun so enjoy and read the book :)

This book is for every mom. " I cannot move because i am stress paralyzed."... <... yup that has been me! Are you a mom that does it all? cleaning, cooking, children? do you feel like every time you get a second of mommy time something happens? do you stare at other moms who look like that can do it all plus some?.. then is book is for you!

Allyson is a great mom. is trying to start her first "mommy blog" and it is not working. she only has 3 followers.. her best friend, husband, and mother. epic fail! she has 3 kids who are of different ages and are terrors. yes, they draw on walls, stick heads in toilets, etc. she can never get a break. She was having her melt down on mothers day..of all days! no one would help her and what could go wrong went wrong. Her husband that she was over reacting till he saw her hiding in the closet and her kids running a muck. she finally cracked! her husband told her she needed time to relax and she had the perfect idea.

Allyson was going to have a girls night out. She was going to go out with her best friend and the pastors wife. now, i want you to think of the hangover because that is just what happens. lol Her reservation was lost at the restaurant so all these pretty dressed up women instead went blowing. Allyson took all their phones and put it in the van so everyone can relax. meanwhile all the men got together to watch the kids. This alone was funny because they guys have no idea what they are doing and end up getting themselves into their own trouble.

their will be a young girl that joins this group. Allyson watches her baby. that was until she told her that she could not watch the baby tonight. now Bridget took her baby to her dead beat baby daddy. Allyson told Bridget at the bowling alley that he was at the restaurant that they were at. now starts the Bridget's baby is missing, Allyson's van is missing, and now they find themselves with a cabbie, tattoo artist, and slue of problems

while the girls are getting themselves in their own trouble the men are finding out how hard the girls have it. They will all meet up eventually but to read about each ones adventure is amazing and will have you peeing your pants. Their is a big lesson to be learned in this story, and like i said if you are a mom, you will get it right away :)