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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

review: The Righteous and the Wicked by April Emmerson

 The Righteous and the Wicked by April Emerson  3 its like good vs evil stars..
I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

alright, i first have to say that I would have loved this book, but I feel like it was trying really to hard

this story follows two people. One of which is a good christian woman named Emma. She is a teacher at a christian school, and was living the straight and narrow, but there was a problem. she was depressed. She had every right to be. Her husband just up and left her. no note, no warnings, just vanished. It has been almost a year now, and her friends are trying to get her in the dating game. She doesn't want to date. All she wants to do is sleep, but she cant because her new neighbor makes tons of noise on saturday mornings. She thought, this is war. One night when she was out with her friends she couldn't take her eyes off this attractive man. He has a swagger to him that he could get any girl that he wanted. He was dancing with a girl very inappropriately and she was getting turned on. She knew it wasn't right, but she had to follow them. She stood outside the bathroom and listened to them having sex. She liked it!

the second person who is followed in this book is a sex addict named Eric. He was building a house out in the country because he needed a change in the area Also, his best friend was getting married and he was the best man. Every time he went to his house he gave his best friend's fiance the creeps. The look he gives her, he knows that he could sleep with her if he wanted. The problem is he doesn't want to be that way. he try to hide the beast inside him, but when it gets loose he has to go to the bar and find his next victim. He was doing fine until one night when he was trying to sleep his neighbors wind chime kept him up. He was going to take care of that..

as you can probable tell this two are neighbors. they will start on a little tit or tat about his construction and her wind chime. She realizes that he is the man from the bar who sleeps around. She is attracted to him and wants him. He doesn't know yet that she watches him, but knows that nothing can come in between them because she is innocent. Emma keeps pushing Eric till he finally caves and they go on a date. Eric then realizes that She is his stepping stone. he needs her to get over this addiction. Emma knows how she can solve his problem and wants to help him.

meanwhile her friends are excited to meet this mystery man that she keeps talking about until her best friend realizes who her new boyfriend is and she is going to take matters into her own hands... also, their is a real estate agent who wants Eric. she knows what kind of guy he is and she is that kind of girl. She is married, but likes to get around if you know what i mean! she is determined to get with Eric and she will do anything to get him. So she does the only things she knows how. She finds Emma's ex husband and makes up a story.

so now Emma has a dilemma, things are getting really serous with Eric. they are going to the wedding together and Eric has a big announcement for her. that was until Emma's ex husband shows up and he get realizes that he is no good for her. so , he takes off... will Emma figure out what she wants out of life? will get go after Eric or stay with her husband??