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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

review: Surrender ( the dining club # 8 )

 Surrender by Marina Anderson   5 i am sad to see it end stars..

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

this is the last short story in the series. I honestly which it could continue and i can tell what will happen next... I am left with such suspense!

Grace passed and her and David are finally in love. David admitted to her that Amber is part of his life and that their is a part of him that will grow tired of her and that he has needs. He was honest with everything that he has done. Including telling her that he is the owner of the club. Grace is not happy when she finds out the truth of it all, and even questions his love for her.

Grace is determined to pass the 5th table test and take over the spot as hostess and kick amber to the curb. She doesn't realize that doing so she cancels the reading for her best friend Fran. Fran threatens her reputation as a director and says that they are thru. Grace really has to think about what she wants out of it all before it is too late.

Grace is now going toe to toe with amber. The theme for the night is Sex Slave. Grace now has to put her acting to the test to make sure she is mentally in the game. now at the end of the night all the guys will vote and the winner will be chosen, but who will it be?