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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

review: Flash burnout by L.K Madigan

 Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan   5 this is real life issues, stars!

this story follows a boy named Blake. He is turning 16 and dealing with all the hormones that a normal teenage boy deals with. Also, he is trying to impress his photo teacher. Every time they have an assignment he gets bad remarks. For, once he would like to hear.. "good job"

I should mention that his family isn't that normal. His dad is a medical examiner and cuts up dead bodies all day. His older brother who also goes to the same high school works with his dad because he wants to do the same thing when he gets older. His mother, on the other hand is the priest for the hospital.

Blake has a girlfriend. Shannon is very emotional as well. If Blake doesn't call at certain times of the day it is over. I mean she will flip out. He is trying everything he can to be a good boyfriend. Also, he is trying to hint that they should have sex. She is not ready, and he just wants to do it! Shannon is very busy with sports, piano, and other activities that leave them no time to hang out except for school. The couple times that he has been to her house was horrible. Her parents make it seem like he is going to get her impregnate and always give him that Pained look.

Blake has a older brother who tries to give him advice. Most of it is hilarious. Blake belives him and sometimes follows it. His brother is banging the new DJ for the school. this new on again off again girlfriend will give you a bunch of laughs on Blake's expense.

Now, in photo class Blake has a friend named Marissa. Now, this is were things start to get heavy. Marissa is different. she is not in the same group as Blake and his girlfriend. Marissa saw one of Blake's pictures and realized it was her mother. the only problem was that he took that picture at the bad part of town and the girl was a passed out with a bottle of beer. Blake soon finds out that Marissa's mother is a drug addict and left her with her grandmother. She was looking for her to make her better. Blake now feels that he needs to help her. Everything that he does involves Marissa.

As you can already tell things are starting to get strange with Shannon. She is jealous but lets it go. Blake will be stuck with a hard decision when it comes to these two girls. Lets say like a love triangle.

Blake will soon realize what it means to grow up and start taking chances. The only question is will these chances hurt him or make him that man he needs to be?