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Sunday, October 12, 2014

review: Twelve sharp by Janet Evanovich

 Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich  5 who is the real ranger stars!!!

well, I think I am safe to say that this one was one of my favorites out of the whole series.

Stephanie is at it again. She finally knows that she loves Joe, but the only problem is Ranger. He keeps popping and she starts to get second thoughts. She might even love the both of them.

Her job with the bail bonds is starting to get backed up. Vinnie is writing a lot of bonds, and their is not help. Ranger is doing his own thing with his security company which leaves only Stephanie and Lula to do all the skips. Connie decided that she was going to hire another enforcement. This is really funny seeing Connie, Stephanie, and Lula try to hire someone. You will have roll of your couch laughs.

in the mean time someone has stolen ranger's identity. Ranger was o.k with this until his daughter is stolen. Everyone is on the look out for ranger, but only the few really know what is going on. you will be introduced to rangers wife. who by the way wants to kill Stephanie for sleeping with ranger. this is its own comedy.

the great thing about this book that is Joe and Ranger have to team up to keep Stephanie safe. The only problem is can the make sure Ranger's daughter is safe too? Stephanie's grandma gets into her own drama this book and also their is a new funeral director in town that stirs up a lot of traffic. this story is filled will tons of a laughs and a little bit of mystery!