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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bailey and the professor ( power play # 5) by selena kitt

 Bailey and the Professor by Selena Kitt4 smart stars
I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

Cover: very nice
Steaminess: steamy

Rating: 4 stars

Overall: good

Characters: good flow

Plot: teacher/student

Page Turner: yes

Series Cont: yes

Recommend: yes

Book Boyfriend: professor Jacobs

SUMMARY: Bailey wants to be a midwife more than she can breathe. The only thing that is stopping her is her chemistry class in graduate school. She doesn't understand what she is doing wrong. She can pass bio, but she cannot do math. She has the best Tudors that any money can buy, but they never could help her. now she is on the verge of failing out and not getting to her dream. that was until her professor was going to help. She was told to stay after class, not wanting to be embarrassed again for failing a class she hides in a bathroom. that was until a Gothic girl went into labor. things were going to change forever. Now she has to put her skills in motion to deliver a baby. there was not time for an ambulance. Professor Jacobs came to help and they both noticed the instant connection between the two. He wanted her but she could not be his student. Professor Jacobs had an idea that would help them both... but what would that be?