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Thursday, November 13, 2014

review: The Agony of Alice

 The Agony of Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  5 why is this banned stars?
This was such a good book. I remember reading it when i was little, but totally forgot about it!

This is a Story about Alice. She is starting 6th grade and is trying to find herself. She is without a mother because her mother died young. She is trying to figure out how to grow up.

Living with her older brother and dad she has not been taught very girly things. Now moving to a new town she sees all these girls with their mothers dressing in nice clothes. That is what she wants. She was going to find herself a mother.

Alice will find herself in some embarrassing moments that made me laugh. There is the time that she went clothes shopping with her brother, ( that is to good to tell...)

Alice starts sixth grade and finds herself with the worst teacher out of all her friends. She will start to lie and try to get to the better teacher. This is were Alice learns some life lessons. She is still trying to find a mother and she has her heart set on miss Cole. She will do anything just to be like her. Till someone gives her a project, and things will change..

Meanwhile, Alice will take a trip to see her Aunt where she gets all the motherly advice that she needs. While writing in her journal for school see realizes she has a role model right in front of her and she doesn't care what her friends think. Alice will also notice what it feels like to fall in love...

i cannot wait to start the next book and see what embarrassing moments she puts herself in next.