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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Date and Dash ( Better date than never # 10) by Susan Halter

Date and Dash (Better Date than Never Book 10)

5 you have to take chances stars!!!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

Oh how i loved these series, and I am very sad that it is finished :( I missed a couple books in between, but the best part of these books is you can pick of any of them and not get lost!!

Mary Ann has a great job, but her new co-worker is her boss's nephew. He is taking credit for her work and she cannot tell her boss because it would prove that she was ease-dropping and that is her major flaw. Another flaw that she has is that she gives strikes to men. She gives each man she dates one strike and then it is over.. how fun is that?!!

Trevor is a risk management specialist. he doesn't like to take risks, but after being rear ended one night he realized something big is about to change. Trevor will meet Mary Ann because she is the one who rear ends him.

Mary Ann wanted to bid on her grandmothers bracelet. it meant a lot to her and she asked her friend to place the bid for her while she dealt with this car accident. When she finally arrived she realized that her friend bid on a dating service instead of her bracelet. now she is going on a week date plus being entered in a competition that is filmed and she could win $25,000. Who is the lucky guy you ask?! Trevor!! now that they started off on the wrong foot they have to endure each other for a week. Could they make the world think they are the perfect couple to win the money? could they find love? could Trevor takes risks, and Can Mary-Ann get over her strike rule??

this is a great fast past story and you won't even realized that you finished it when you did!