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Saturday, September 12, 2015

review: Sweetly bad by Anya Breton

Sweetly Bad

3 I called it stars...

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

This book was in between 3-4 stars.. the only reason why I rated it 3 stars was because I could see what was coming right from the beginning and didn't leave me with any excitement or questions.
Drew is a power witch. He is attractive and can get any girl that he wants. He has a huge bank account and he knows how to be an asshole. Well, Today was not Drew's day. His mother has cut him off. His mother being the queen. She cancelled all his credit cards and put him as rogue. This means anyone could kill him on site. to add insult to injury his fancy car broke down. This town he was in was only a population of like 1000 if he was lucky
Erica was an over weight business owner. she had her own car shop and she was barley making ends meet. She was excited when she got the call to tow and work on an exotic car. When she got their she saw one hot man. She offered him a ride to the shop when she realized he couldn't get thru to anyone.
Drew couldn't get anyone on the phone. he called a bunch of girls he slept with or family. ex girlfriends told him how much he sucked in bed and how he was rouge. his family told him he was cut off and had to turn his life around. now after pity from his fat shop owner he was able to sleep in the garage. except drew had to help save this girl when witches where coming to get him
Erica had a hard enough time with an ex boyfriend trying to steal her shop. now she had to deal with an asshole guy who told her how fat she was, but after spending some time with him things are starting to heat up!
could Erica help drew change his ways or will the witches be too much for everything?.