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Sunday, October 25, 2015

review: Alice in lace ( Alice # 8) by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

 Alice in Lace by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

 5 childhood wedding stars!

I love this series.. I read them in middle school, but forgot all about them. Thank god my library still has them as e-books!!!

Alice is now in 8th grade and in health class they all got projects to make important decisions. Alice was getting married to Patrick and they had to plan the wedding, honeymoon, get a house, and furniture for only $5000. So, since Patrick and Alice are still dating they found it fun to start talking about weddings and houses. This will lead to a nice fight because they realized that they have no money and can't do what they want.

Alice's best friend Elizabeth has to buy a car. So, they dress all fancy and try to convince the salesman that they are old enough to buy a car. Everything was going good until he gave her the keys to test drive the car. What comes next is very funny in its own!

Pamela, Alice's other best friend is 16 and pregnant and has to decide if she is going to keep the baby, give it up for adoption, or abort it. She has to find out all options including what to do with the baby's dad. This is funny because Pamela will put a pillow in her belly and go around to different stores to get their reaction. This is also funny to read about.

mean while Lester is still dating two girls. Everything is going fine until crystal gives back everything that Lester has ever given him. Now he is trying to et a hold of her and she is ignoring his call. He is still confidant until she knocks on his door and gives him some surprising information.

Alice is afraid that her dad and her old English teacher are going to break up after hearing a conversation with the teacher and the vice principal. she has to not tell her dad, but is trying to fish for information. When she sees her dad mope around the house she also starts to gets sad.

Alice is in for a treat when Elizabeth calls her and tells her she needs to help now.. want to know what it is??? then read the story :)