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Sunday, October 18, 2015

review: Cover shot ( A Headlines in High Heels Mystery #5 ) by LynDee Walker

 Cover Shot by LynDee Walker

5 cozy stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

This book was a great cozy mystery. This story is about a reporter named Nichelle who loves shoes... like any High heel shoe that is name brand. When I started reading this book the only thing I could think of was this..
Miss Congeniality photo: icsandra1.png

She was just telling her P.D friends that is was a slow week. That was until a doctor ended up dead. The problem was that there was more to the story then just a normal murder. Nichelle was starting to think something fishy was going on because all of her sources would talk.

Nichelle is dating this guy who her friend and crush Kyle thinks is linked to the mob. Kyle is not working with ATF and the fact that he got linked to this case has her thinking BIG HEADLINES. Her boyfriend doesn't like the fact that she is working with him because he thinks she still has feelings for him.

Nichelle also is friends with Aaron white. a police detective who is in charge of the case. He is doing everything possible to help Nichelle with this case that he even gets himself shot. The closer that Nichelle gets to solving the case the more her life becomes in danger.

All in all, this is a race between her, the Friday blog lady, and the news casters who are all fighting for sweeps week. I did not read the other 4 books, but these characters will all come together if you read the other books. I was not lost, and could easily pick up for the beginning of this book.