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Sunday, October 4, 2015

review: Sex Idol by Shelly Munro

Sex Idol

 2.5 could have been better stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

This book is 2.5 stars. It could easily to be 5 stars if she would cut out 89% of the sex scenes. I understand it was part of the story, but most of it wasn't needed

I had to really push to finish this book....

This story takes place in the future where kissing is considered gross and their was a virus you could get that would kill you "like HIV" Their is a T.V show that is called "sex idol" where couple compete in different sex acts that they randomly draw and have to perform. then the audience votes and chooses the winner... ( not something I ever would have thought)

well Sasha runs her own school to help people who want to be on the show. She will run into her ex boyfriend Antonino who will want her to try him and his partner for the tournament. it was his last one before he retires. Sasha said she would do it but she wants a baby in return. He agrees and now starts the training.

as you can already know Sasha still like Antonio and she gets jealous. Antonio partner is involved with the mob and things start to happen at Sasha's school. Leaving her getting blackmailed by a students father. His partner goes MIA and Sasha is left to compete.

now will they win the prize or will Sasha's jealously get in the way...