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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

review: Reclaimed ( Knights Rebels MC 2.5) by River Savage

 Reclaimed by River Savage

3 it's o.k. stars...

O.K. This book wasn't really for me. I am a fan of the motorcycle books, but this story I could have done without.

THis story continues when Nix and Kadence find out they are pregnant and going to have a baby. when the baby is born Kadence get the "baby blues" she finds herself not being able to bound the her baby. Breast feeding hurts her and she cannot be left alone with the baby or she will have a full meltdown. The thing that pissed me off in this story is no one wanted her to go to the doctor??!! really??!! COME ON!!! If Nix was that much in love with his family and his wife he would do everything he could to help, BUT NOOOO he had to run away just to get some "me" time and leave his 12 year old son to help take care of a baby... Can you say COP OUT!!

Nix gets the gang together to try to help get Kadence out of the rut they are in and back to the happy couple they were. Kadence gets a nice spa day, but still had issues with being alone with the baby and Nix. can they save their marriage or will she run from all her problems..