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Sunday, December 20, 2015

review: The Escort (Confidante Trilogy #2) by lilliana anderson

The Escort by Lilliana Anderson

5 your hired stars!!

I love love love these books!!!

This story is a continuance from the first book, but it added a new chapter in her life.

Ms. Anderson must have the best mother in law ever!! she listen to her stories of what she did when she was younger and they were sooooo interesting that she was able to turn it into a great series.

"Diana" was her stage name. in the first book she worked in a brothel. After taking time and a hard decision she left the brothel and git herself a real job. well, this real job was starting to effect Diana daily life. she is drowning in bills and is trying to figure out how to fix it. not to mention she doesn't have much time for her sons. she only had one idea to fix this problem. she was going to have to go back into the sex industry!!

she decided that the brothel was not for her because she was already 36. she decided that she was going to be a escort. after being turned down by lots of companies due to her age she was determined that someone would hire her. She finally got hired and her jobs began.

This story will take u into different accounts of her customers and co workers. one of my favorite stories are the one with the mountain man. He seemed very nice and it made that job not look to bad lol! who else wouldn't mind getting spoiled. Another one of my favorites were the "virgins chapter" or the 90 year old man and his leather suit!

this is great read and i could not put it down. this story can be read as a stand alone but i would say to read the first book so you can get a feel of the series!! i cannot wait to read the 3rd book!