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Saturday, January 23, 2016

review: his billion dollar baby by lea Nolan

His Billion Dollar Baby by Lea Nolan

5 he is your soulmate stars..

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

O.M.G. words cannot describe how much I love this book. I was hooked and it took me everything just to put the book down to cook and clean!

Gwen is a great girl. she grew up in foster care, and had a hard life. She went to college and now is a first year physical therapist. she is doing good for herself. She is not dating and never has one night stands. There was this one guy who caught her attention and she took it.
Now a couple months later she is at the funeral for her affair. all she wanted to do was put a picture of their baby in the casket. She never wanted him to help raise it. She just wanted him to know that she was there. the only problem was that it was a closed casket and she had to convince the funeral director to do it. He was on board but stated the family has to o.k. it.. and that my friends is when the story gets good...

Carter Anderson is the brother of Ben. He just had a horrible divorce with a gold digger and was never going to let another girl take advantage of his family again. So as you can see when they found out that Gwen was having a baby, Ben's baby. he knew it was a con. Ben always told him everything and her name was never spoken. Carter and Gwen will have a bunch of back and forth about her trying to ruin the family and Gwen telling him she doesn't want any help from anyone. The reason for this is because the anderson's are a billion dollar family. their father was in the NFL and then started a clothing line. everyone knew about that family.

now Carter's mom Judith was all up for this new grand baby. she needed to fill the emptiness that she was filling. She asked Gwen to move into the house so they can help take care of her and the baby. this also didn't go over well with Carter. Gwen said no, but when her luck goes down stream she has to suck it up and pay her way. so she moved in. She instantly fell in love with their father, Ricky. he had a stroke and couple move his body. She was determined to help him walk.
Carter had a scheme with this new baby. with the family business this baby would own 1/3 of the business and he was not letting that women or the baby take all his hard work. He had to get her to sign papers so he can run her half, but how???? He was going to seduce her and then reel her in to sign the paperwork. Can his scheme really work? Can Gwen give this baby what it needs, and also fulfill her dreams?
this is a great story of give and take. How to learn to love and what a real soul mate means..