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Friday, January 15, 2016

review: in the wind by lilliana anderson

In the Wind by Lilliana Anderson

5 finding yourself stars!!!!!

 got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review...

O.M.G. this book... THANK YOU LILLIANA!!!! I am big fan and was super excited to get a change to read another one of her boooks!

this book will take you on an emotional roller coaster. The ups, the downs, and the W.T.F. moments..

Dawn was an "old soul" she didn't believe in using cell phones and never watched any new movies. she loved her black and whites. She loved to read and was perfectly happy staying in her room until she left for college. her mom was a big whore.. no offense, but the writing is on the walls.. her dad left her and wanted nothing to do with her expect pay for her and her mothers expenses. so she did what any teenager did.. she shopped!!!
Dawn was in love with her best friend Zeke. they both planned on going to college together and this was going to be their last summer together.. they were going to make it count! that was until a new girl moved next door. Zeke couldn't take his eyes of her and Dawn couldn't either.

this story is about new beginning, finding one self, and heartache. nobody said growing up would be easy.!! Dawn has to figure out what she wants in life. she wants her best friend, who she can clearly tell doesn't want her back, she is also curious about her sex life and this new girl Shea, lastly, she is also in love with her bartender Luke who is 35 years old and has a child.

Dawn is hit with a big whammy when her father cuts her off. now she has to decided what she is going to do. meanwhile her mom is spiraling out of control and she has to be the adult and that is hard enough. she made a move on Zeke and things didn't turn out good and also had her first sexual experience with a girl. Then when nothing else could go wrong she pushes the one man who is nice to her away. now she has no one.. Dawn will get herself into some pretty sticky situations and she has to figure out on her own who is with her or who is against her.

I found myself yelling not only at dawn when i was reading this book but at Luke and Zeke. you cannot help but have a great relationship with these characters because the author did such a great job making you feel like you were in the story as well. I am not going to ruin this ending or the story but you will have to choose who you think she is going to be with and then be completely shocked after reading. or if you picked right ..happy!