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Friday, January 29, 2016

review: what once was perfect ( wardham # 1) by Zoe York

What Once Was Perfect by Zoe York

4 they are meant to be stars...

This was a very quick easy read. The characters are all lovable and it is really predicable, but if you love some steamy sex scenes then it is work it. I do believe!!!

Laney was heading back to Canada for her Christmas getaway. She was going to see her family. The only thing she wasn't looking forward to was the small town gossip. Yup, she was still the center of it after all these years... Laney had her heart broken by her high school sweetheart. now till this day she will never have a boyfriend. she only has sexual occasions with no strings attached. For some reason she cannot love. She just had to let her co-worker down. By down I mean break up. Their casual sex thing wasn't fair to him and she saved him a favor. 

Now Laney's mother and sister are trying to get Laney to see her ex boyfriend Kyle. They haven't spoken to each other since the break up. they have a lot they need to work out so they can move on. Her mother sets up a great scheme to get the ball rolling. Kyle on the other hand has had relationships, but they never last because they all say he is still not over her. Kyle has no problem trying to work things out because he wants his life back.

Both will realize after one meeting that they are meant to be. Laney wants to be with him, but she lives far away and doesn't want babies and to be tied down. Kyle wants all of this and will try everything he can to convince her otherwise. these two will have great sex and also drama.
this is like a true fairy tale ending