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Friday, August 5, 2016

review: Baiting the Boss by Coleen Kwan

Baiting the BossBaiting the Boss by Coleen Kwan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...
I first have to say it is great to get back to reading! I am finally getting all my reviews done for my blog and I have such a LONG waiting list! I will finish it!!!

This book really wasn't for me. It was good, but I felt like it was dragging on. The plot is very good but I feel even though it was a short book it could have been even shorter and more enjoyable.

Jack was in line to take over the family business. The only problem was that his grandfather worked him to the bone. He had to give up everything that he loved to please his grandfather. That even includes a dead wife. He finally had enough. So after a long fight he left for a deserted island.

Grace Owens was a push over. She got the job at Macintyre, right out of college. She fell in love with her boss Jack and he just left. How could he desert is family like that. Since Grace was a gofer and promised a better position she had to go find him. Grace never been on a boat or a plane so this would be her first vacation. She doesn't like bugs or heat, but she had a job to do. After finding Jack she knew she was in trouble because he was still stunning.

Jack was pig headed and refused to leave the island. Grace will have lots of fights with him and calling him spoiled. Little did she know that Jack was doing good for the island. She decided to stay a week or two just to convince Jack to come back. the lust between these two is just booming. He knew it was wrong, but he had to do it.

Grace gets him to go back to the company, but will it last? Will Jack over stay his welcome with Grace and get her in trouble. Sometimes doing the greater good isn't what it seems....

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