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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

REVIEW: Castro Oil to induce labor and update

Well my friends, I know I have been slacking on my book/product reviews, but the reason is that I am pregnant AGAIN.....

I had a very hard time with this pregnancy. First of all the doctor gave me two different due dates. Yes two. They are over 3 weeks apart and if you are a mom  you know how frustrating it is to try to get some answers now that you are in your 3rd trimester. According to my husband and my records and the first doctor our due date is June 24. (as you can tell is any day now :) ) Making me 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  I did not get any office visit or ultra sound till I was over 5 1/2 month pregnant. Why you ask?! Let me rant about that one for a minute,

We have 4 hospitals in our area. 2 of which are owned by the same company and the other two are totally different. As you should know where you live certain hospitals owns a monopoly and has tons of doctors offices in each town. I never had any complaints with my doctors office, but now I do.  Geisinger hospital is so over book with suppose pregnant woman when I called back in October to get an appointment they said I could be seen till January 27! Then when I was seen I was never given an ultra sound so my first ultra sound was back in Feburary. So, I was 5 months pregnant. The only good thing out of it was I got to find out what I was having.

Well our OBGYN in Geisinger makes you see a different doctor every week. So, the doctor that reviewed my ultra sound stated my due date was wrong and my new due date was July 14. Almost a whole month later. I was like.. um no, I know when I have sex with my well those asshats still are gun hoe about this July due date so they think I am only 37 weeks.. so here is my review,,

I have been having 10 minute apart contractions for over 2 weeks. If you go by my June due date I could easily be induced any time, but NO they think I am only 37 weeks and it is not safe.. well my friends if they wait till that date my baby will be over 44 weeks. Anyone who has kids knows that it is UNSAFE to go that long.  I am stuck at a 3cm and all they told me to do was DRINK WATER...hahaha can you believe that! So, I went to the computer and decided to try all the old wives tales to get me admitted and have this baby.. EPIC FAIL!!!!

I tried everything. So far the only thing that worked was sex. It made me dilate just a little bit more than what I was but still sent home.  So, Yesterday I broke down and tried Castro Oil.  I was ready to party with the toilet.  I took One Tablespoon and mixed it was applesauce. While I was waiting for the poop party to begin I decided to drink lots of water so I would stay safe while this was happening... 3 hours later NOTHING HAPPENED.... So I took another Tablespoon and mixed it with the soup I was eating for lunch. Another 3 hours later NOTHING HAPPENED..... No painful contractions, no Poop party, NOTHING... EPIC FAIL...

So my friends if you know any tricks to get yourself in labor please comment below.....