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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Georgetwon academy book 2

 Georgetown Academy by Jessica Koosed Etting      

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

this series does keep getting better and better. i still love the fact that i get to choose my own adventure..(yes, i am a nerd)

in this book, Elle's scandal is more than what she thought was going to happen with Gabe. Her mother totally stopped talking to her and her boyfriend of two years, hunter also called it quits. She has to spend the rest of the week trying to do damage control at the school. Everyone stopped talking to her and make up horrible names for her as well. Elle's mother will go thru even more issues by the time this book is over and will have Elle feeling even more bad about the whole situation. She also has to choose who she wants to be with. Gabe wants her back, and doesn't care what everyone else thing, and she wants to get back with hunter and now has to come up with a plan get him back.

Mean while Evan is still working at the press and she loving her job. Except for her boss wants her to look into gossip about a guy named Luke. His father is big in congress and word is that he is gay. His father is totally against gay marriage so it would get great press. The problem is Evan knows the truth and refuses to let her boss know. Luke is her best friend. She has to find a way to tell Luke what is going on without hurting his feelings and come up with a plan of attack. She ends up telling Luke so he tells his dad. Evan is paired up with Hunter for a history assignment and she is head over heels for this guy. She knows that her ex friend just broke up with him, but she thinks she might have a shot. Evan and Hunter exchange some text messages and end up flirting. She ends up kissing him on their study date at the library. The only problem is that Evan is going out with Luke as a cover up so the press wont find out that he is gay. Now Hunter is not longer interested in Evan because Luke is his friend. Evan is crushed and has to figure out a way to save this starting relationship while saving her best friend Luke.

Brinley finally pulled of the rumor that she started. Her family won the photo shoot and will be the only family to be published for 5 years straight. She is still addicted to ADHD medicine. She is trying to fix her best friend Elle's image when the whole picture thing happened. She is using her sources to figure out who sent the press the photo. Meanwhile, the person she spread the rumor about found out that she is buying drugs and is going to use it to try to get her family out of the photo shoot. She does the one thing that she never wants to do. She goes to her father. Her father ends up pulling some strings and makes up this whole idea for the news paper that she has ADHD and it is hard being a teenager with an issue. The press is eating it alive and she loves the attention. except with the worse thing happens to her.

Taryn had to go to the office because of the stupid rumor that Brinley accused her off. Prostitution. the head master wasn't pleased with the rumors, but called her father. Since her father was making huge news over his win he was please with the way her father talked about her. Taryn was not happy when she found out her father was fought her battle, but was ready for revenge. Taryn was paired up with Brinley for the history assignment. She has to go over to her house. when she was leaving she realized that she left her phone and went back in the house. That is when she heard the best bit of gossip. Brinley's brother tried to convince her not to spread the word about his sister, but he understood why she was going to do it. Taryn finally got to confront Gabe about him kissing Elle right when they were suppose to go on a date. She was no longer friends with Elle and lost a potential boyfriend all in one week. She was starting to hate this school.
She decided to go to the dance because she realized she was going to be herself and didn't care what others thought. That was until she got the theme wrong for the dance and all eyes were on her.