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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beauty's curse book review

 Beauty's Curse by Jodi Woody        

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review..

WOW!!!! holy freaking 5 stars!!!!!this book made me cry... i can't believe it. there was so much heart in this book. This book is like beauty and the beast, but in its own way...

a beautiful woman with a master full of hate. One love ruined, and another not returned. Jealous and rage sent a curse and turned ones beauty into a monster..... until one day she got her revenge, but still lived with the curse, and the lost love who can break it.

Then over the years this woman named Adelaide lived in the woods helping others for a price. She used her magic and didn't care that people thought of her as a witch. There was a couple who had everything. Money, power, you name it. the one thing they didn't have was beauty. The wife wanted it more than anything. the husband would do anything to please his wife. so Adelaide gave them a bag to put under their pillow to make them beautiful. It only worked on the husband. the wife was so made she barged right into the witch's place and demanded a new potion that would last forever. Being the witch that she was Adelaide said in return she wanted their first born child when he turned a year old.

the husband couldn't part with his son. he wanted to deal with whatever the witch was going to do to them. The wife wanted her beauty more then the son. So every year the witch would bring the son over to the mansion to visit. He would never know who is parents are. She made it seem like it was a chore he had to run. If any of the parents where to talk to him, he would die. The husband hated his wife for this...

The little boy is Nicholas. Adelaide did everything she could for the boy. food, clothes, and anything he ever wanted. she wasn't good on the love department but figured he would still care for her. She made him promise to never leave her. of course over the years he promised to never leave. That was until he turned into a teenager. He finally realized that Adelaide wasn't his mother and that she lied. He ran away and said he would Kill Adelaide. She was so angry she put a curse on him. that he would never love

Nicholas lived his life in the city and made a huge name for himself. He has all the money he ever wanted. He could never fall in love. the curse made him a womanizer and left him always wanting more. So in return he turned into a hateful man who can only see what was on the outside.

The husband left his wife and saw the witch. he begged to see his son and she felt so bad that she told him she put a counter to the curse. if he could see what was on the inside and not the out and learn to love and trust the spell would be broken. The husband found his son and watched from afar. He adopted a daughter who was in a child's home. She was burned very bad and was being picked on. He was lonely and needed someone to love. He adopted her. He told her all about her brother and the curse and how they were going to fix it.

This girl's name was hope. She graduated college with a 4.0 and got hired to work for Nicholas. She was determined to have him love her. He on the other hand couldn't look past the scares and it made him sick. hope then made him an offer that he couldn't refuse.

will Nicholas see past hope's scares and fix his curse...or will he drive her away like all the other woman and hurt her, leaving him lonely and more of a monster than ever??