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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lake thirteen

 Lake Thirteen by Greg Herren

this was a great book! it was scary and also sad!

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

this book is about a guy named scotty. he is gay. He never told anyone this before except for this summer. he finally told his parents and unlike lots of family s they were really supportive. They didn't want him to tell anyone at school because they didn't want him to be bullied. Scotty had a best friend who was also gay, but he couldn't tell anyone because his dad was different. he was a mean man. everyone knew it and felt sorry for him.

every year scottys parents join with 3 other parents who all went to college together and have a summer trip. This year they were going camping. Scotty didn't know how is old friends were going to treat him because he sent an email right before they left letting them know he was gay. The funny thing was no one responded to it.

after getting lost a couple times everyone is finally settled in at the camp site. it was called Lake Thirteen. The site had a creepy vibe to it and the sad part was that there was no cell phone service. Scotty and the rest of group decided that were going to go ghost hunting. Carlson was all into it because his father produces the ghost hunting show on tv.

When they were at the grave yard Scotty kept feeling goosebumps and like someone as breathing over his shoulder. He also couldn't help but feel so sad. it was making him cry. he was standing in from of a grave with a name Albert. Scotty knew that Albert was trying to tell him something. Carlson picked up some footage of something calling scotty's name and now they were going to figure out what this ghost wants.

over the next couple of days scotty was having visions of Albert and his life. he found himself sleep walking and then waking up with a weird feeling. while walking in the woods with is friends he would stare off into space while his friends talked to him and he would have a deep vision. Scotty and the rest of the gang went into town to figure out if they can get any history of the town. They found out that Albert was 17 and he was murdered.

The gang found an old sheld and a well. Scotty kept having visions and one night finally found out what the ghost really wanted. Scotty found out that this ghost was linked to him and how Albert died was going to put his best friend and now boyfriend in danger. he had to warn him before it was to late.