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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mr evil

 Mr. Evil by Paul Shepherd

i got this book when it was a kindle freebie, and i am very disappointed. OK, it actually sucked.

this guy Michael is a drug dealer. he was on his way to California to finish delivering drugs when he had to stop for gas. He went inside for a red bull and saw the prettiest lady alive. Well, that girl had a boyfriend and when he said something, Micheal punched him in the chest and the guy died. everyone at the gas station freaked out and the clerk pulled out a gun and said don't move. Micheal took the gun and killed like 4 people.

the pretty girl's name was Jezebel. he made her come with him. Micheal then keeps having weird experiences where people die around him. Jezebel would kill people who would be a threat to them. Jezebel is a demon. She could make Micheal do whatever she wanted.

Micheal went to church and confessed everything. the priest was trying to get him help to rid of his evil when Jezebel would keep coming around and killing the priests.

Micheal then knew what he had to do to save his life.