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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

loving memories

 Loving Memories by Imogene Nix

 i got this book from steam e reads in exchange for an honest review. this has not effected my review or opinions from this book.

i honestly can say i devoured this book in a hour. this was another great read for me this week! were have these authors been my whole life! not only was this an erotic book to read it had mystery and suspense. That is double bonus!!!

Jenny is a plus size girl. She isn't proud of it and has lots of issues dealing with her weight. She is a psychologist. She helps people with their problems. She is going to face her biggest problem so far. Her best friend was murdered. She was bording a plane to retrieve her body and bring it to some guy she never met. All she had left of her best friend was a note. A note with very little instructions that she didn't understand.

Steve was waiting for Jenny. He didn't know what to say. he was in love with Jenny's best friend and now she was gone. He gave up everything for her and now all was lost. He was left with a little girl named Lola who didn't talk. He was suppose to keep both of them safe and he failed. it was only time before they were after them again. Steve barley talked to Jenny. Finally when she insisted on staying in a hotel on the bad part of town he knew it was only right for her to stay with them.

Jenny thought Steve was nuts talking about not being safe and everything. why wouldn't she be safe. Jenny fell in love with Lola and knew she could help the little girl, but where to start. Jenny got drunk that night on wine and had an affair with Steve. She wasn't proud of it and she wanted to leave before things got worse. Steve wouldn't let her. Jenny had her first encounter with a near death experience. Steve finally told her the story about her best friend.

jenny started to do a little investigating about her best friend and was shocked of what she found. Now Jenny has to decided what she is going to do and if she is going to live to tell the tale. Will her one night stand go farther with Steve. or was Steve just lonely and needed someone to connect with?