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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

puppy love

 Puppy Love by Ana Vincent

i have to say that is book wasn't my favorite book, but i had to give it 4 stars because it is well written. I wouldn't normally read a book like this because it is contemporary romance.

this book is about a girl named Kirra who took over a house for her parents that is out in the swap. Her father was a vet, and when he left she took over taking care of hurt animals when people would drop them off. She has a best friend who is a dog named phil. Phil likes to run away and come back days at a time. Kirra was working on training Phil to stay at home and not run away.

A big company started buying out houses by Kirra and wanted to build a huge hotel. Kirra luckily has a yearly rental so they cannot cancel her lease yet. or so she thinks. Brock Haigh is the CEO of the business and determined to tare down Kirra's house. He revamped her lease so she couldn't have animals and she was going to tell him all about it! That is until he kidnapped her dog and called him Angus.

This story goes back and forth between Brock and Kirra fighting over little things, and of course her house. Brock starts to get feelings for her and try to help her get a new house. She is to stubborn to take his advice and finds out all the houses are too expensive for her. She can't move to far because she is in college. Brock then makes Kirra an offer that she cannot refuse

Kirra is now an employee for Brock and will business become before pleasure or will this ruin her chances for her job and a place to live.

i got this book from steam e reads in exchange for an honest review. note: this did not change my opinion on this book.