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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my boss's slave

 My Boss's Slave by Kathryn Morgan Parry            

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

OMG! WOW! I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! this book was just the way i like it. Romance with a hint of BDSM, but not to controlling like everyone trying to copy the 50 shades. I love that the author has her own style! I cannot wait to read more book from this author, and this book is having me think if it is actually over or if there will be another book. There is no cliffhanger, but it does leave you thinking about the book!

Clara works at a huge firm. She worked her way up to be the biggest partner for her boss. She was quiet and was running from her past and now is a cut throat lady who will even beat out men. Clara was shocked one day at work when her boss dropped a file on her desk that had picture with a man with tons of women. confused she asked what was this all about.

her boss Alex, told Clara that his brother was with all of his girlfriends and that he was going to have Clara date and marry his brother. The rule was that Clara was his, and his sex slave and she had to do everything that he wanted. Shocked, and excited Clara just said yes.

the best thing about this book is that Alex has cameras up in the whole offices of his work. So Clara who enjoys having sex with random office men Alex saw on camera. Clara had no idea. She was to busy for a full time relationship and she used the office men and shortly after they would quit because they didn't was the awkwardness of seeing her again. Clara gets herself excited thinking about what Alex had told her so she pleasures herself in her office. Just to find out Alex came into her office and saw her.

After work things started to get to business. he bought her a whole new clothes that she needed to ware and she had to get rid of her underwear and shave everything that he wanted. After that he made her get a makeover with her hair and makeup. Once he finds out that she is diabetic he takes it upon himself to feed her. Clara thinks she doesn't need help from others and can take care of herself. She will soon find out what happens when you do not listen to Alex.

this book goes on with Clara trying to be in control of this relationship or agreement however you want to look at it. She will do the most craziest things to try to get Alex to brake the contract. Clara will have to fight her fears and make decisions to keep this working. Will she end up with Alex's brother? or will she fall in love with a possessive man who only wants to control and have sex with her?