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Monday, August 26, 2013

building trouble

 Building Trouble by K.F. Breene          

I got this book in exchange for an honest review..

wow, I loved this book! it had everything i like in a romance book. i am very glad that i got offered to read this book or i might have never found it to read it!

this book is about a girl named Jenna she is in Architecture. she is currently on a project to built the next best skyscraper in new york. She is ahead of her game, and the only thing that is stopping her is protesters. There are a bunch of them because her boss paid off a bunch of people to knock down a run down area. Her boss, Don double crossed the mop because that area was their drug dealing area. On her way to work, Jenna got caught in with a group of protestors and was assaulted by food and people.

Her boss told Jenna her her other co workers that they are going on a all expense paid vacation so he can get the green light on the project and keep their safety. Jenna and her best friend Erika thought they would be by the ocean that was until they found out they are going on a one week hike up in the mountains. not bathroom, showers, or cell phones. Jenna was not happy. The only thing that kept her going is that her boyfriend Ben was going to be with her and they were going to share a tent. Jenna has been avoiding Ben and his questions about them moving in together. Still she was planning on having great sex while in the woods.

Thru this week long journey in the woods Jenna has to face the work dirt bag named Dale. He is a sex offender and cannot be within 3 feet of the women at work. So now she was to watch her self and the others when they pee. That was until their tour guide "chuck" came in and saved the day. Chuck was hot! he was huge and built with tons of muscle. Jenna was in love. Chuck was the alpha kind of guy and always made girls cry. Jenna was trying to flirt with chuck, but chuck has to stay in charge. He didn't like Jenna's power trip.

as you can see these two will go back and forth because they both have to be in charge, but also have a great connection. There will be some drama and action in this book. Chuck's boss has an on again off again relationship with chuck, and she is jealous of Jenna. Jenna finds out that Ben hasn't been so faithful and now has her eyes set on another man. Jenna also finds out that people have their own skeletons that they are facing. They are with 3 other groups and they wanted to camp for the week so no Jenna is fighting for her new york group because they hate looking a bugs and birds. So she easily puts everyone in their place which will have you laughing.

Did i mention that the mob is in the woods trying to kill them? well, there is your kicker. OH, yeah, this book ends with a cliffhanger so be prepared.