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Saturday, August 17, 2013

my penthouse past:Failing My Way Up the Corporate Ladder of an Empire Built on Skin

 My Penthouse Past: Failing My Way Up the Corporate Ladder of an Empire Built on Skin 

I got this book as a first read giveaway. I am very excited out of the hundreds of people that i got picked to have this book.

i have to start off saying that i am a big fan! i know (big nerd here) I engorged reading this book and finished it in a couple days because i would have been sad if i read it in only a day.

I found myself laughing at almost every joke, and misleading Steve had. I myself feel like i went thru the same thing except I yet found my great money maker job. even though I am very much younger than him, my job experiences i can relate when he was explaining his job at penthouse. I worked for a big company, and the same things goes on.

Being the odd man out, and working to make yourself noticed is not only entertaining in this book, but also everyone ask the same questions and he answers them! Steve will go on to tell you how he landed this job to the very end. Everything in between is comical and will have you almost peeing your pants!

I wish i got to read more about where he is now! i felt like when the end was the end i was left wanting more! all, in all, this was a great book i wish their were more authors like him that tell it like it is without adding a bunch of nonsense just to get people to read their books.