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Saturday, August 17, 2013

sex with a lingering kiss

 Sex With A Lingering Kiss by Alexis Shore  

So, Again I was looking thru my kindle because I am up to over 900 books on there! how, I have no idea, I think i have one click buying addiction!

this book wasn't the best book that I have read, but it is not bad either.

it is a very short story about a married couple and their love life. It's about a husband who leaves notes for his wife about their sexual encounters and he wants to know how she feels about his notes, and their experiences. After each story the author will also express how much she likes each letter. There are good stories in this book, and also some dull ones. so this was just a ok book for me.

don't get me wrong some of the stories are hot and bother some, just I think she could have done better