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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saving wishes

 Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith                         


I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

ok, i honestly have mixed feelings about this book.. One minute i like it, the next minute i hate it, and now i want to punch this girl in the face.... hahahahaha

alright, there is a lot that goes on in the book so i will leave it brief and hopefully easy to follow..

there is this girl named Charli, short for Charlotte. She lives with her brother Alex who owns a cafe. She is still in high school and cannot wait to explore the world. she has a best friend named nicole who works for her brother every chance that she gets. They are both saving up because when their school is done they are going to travel the world. Charlie is the bad egg of the bunch. whenever they get into trouble it is because she thought of it. Nicole was the voice of reason.

Charli has a enemy per se. it is her french teacher. she calls her the witch. she is falling and is never going to learn french. Well, her nephew, Adam comes to town to visit and almost runs Charli over with is car. He instantly likes her. Charli doesn't want anything to do with this guy but he constantly nags her so she finally gives in and decides to show him the town.

Well, Adam is quick to realize that Charli has a little bit of issues. Adam does what he can to make Charli see the good in herself and open up. he learns everything about her and her little "LA LA LAND" he falls in love with her. Charli doesn't know anything about Adam. he tells her little things, but never the whole truth. Adam also realizes that Charli is bringing out a side in him that even he didn't know that he had.

Adam finds out that the town is very gossipy. Adam will have to deal with a bunch of chatty girls and help Charli get thru a hard time. Charli also has drama of her own. She figures out a huge secret and that will change her life forever. The more she learns the more betrayed she feels. Charli will also find out more about Adam and she have to make a huge decision.

Lastly, there is a huge twist that you will never see coming and it will leave you shocked and angry...or maybe you will love it.... who knows...