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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Newton Neighbors

 Newton Neighbors by Suzy Duffy

** spoiler alert ** I have to say that i really loved this book. I am currently watching desperate housewives on netflix, and it made me love this book even more.

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

this book talks about a couple familes that live on crystal lake. It also follows the lives of 2 college students. I read this book in a day because it was so full of drama and comedy. I felt like if i lived on a street like that it would actually happen. it most likely does lol!

this book starts off with a girl named Maria. she is turning 40 and is going thru her first mid life crisis. I would to if i was her. Her youngest daughter is turning one. She hate her. Honestly! She cries and screams whenever Maria is around. her ten year old son Cody and her husband come around her little girl and she stops. Their is nothing that she can do to make this little girl love her and it kills her. On top of everything She is not in the same shape as she used to be. Maria hired a new babysitter off a website because this girl had great resume. Once she arrived Cody had his first crush on her, and her husband was in Awe. She was yelling for her husband because he woke up the baby and their would be no way that she was going to finish getting ready. Once she came down to see what was taking him so long she noticed a very beautiful woman. She was half her age, pretty, smart, and was British to boot. Her boys were both drooling over her and now there was a sting of jealousy.

Maria's husband works non stop because he is the highest management in his career. He just took over a new client and is investing all of his time because of the bonus's that he will receive. Maria thinks her love life is ending because of this babysitter. She knows something is going on but can figure it out. Maria then gets in a nasty fight with her husband and ends up flying down with her kids to puerto Rico to her mothers. That is when everything changes. Will her husband chase her like he did when they first got together or will this new babysitter be the new mistress!

then the book will go to Maria's best friend Cathi. She lives to please others. She has the best things in her home, her kids go to the best private school, and every magazine that she buys she does what they suggest. She wants to move up in the social chain. Her husband on the other hand has no idea was she is planning. He works a lot just to keep her happy. He wants to take a year off so he can write his book. His wife Cathi thinks it is a joke and never takes him seriously. Cathi decides to put her house up on the market to see what it was worth. of course her husband has no idea was she is doing so she is keeping it a secret. She finds out the house is worth more than they paid so she is going to see if she can get an offer on the house. Cathi has her eyes set on a house on Crystal lake next to maria. she wants a lake view and with a bigger house comes more social status. She quickly finds out that the house she wants is way more over her price range, but she was going to find a way. Her husband took the kids and she has a viewing for the house. She gets a great offer and knew the only way her husband will sell the house is if she has another baby, Cathi fakes being pregnant so she gets what she wants. the bigger house!. now, like all great adventures something bad has to happen. Her friend Maria doesn't like the fact that Cathi is lying to her husband. she treating to tell, and during a big party everything went wrong! Everyting blows up and now Cathi life is going to change.

these two college students i love the most. jessica is from london and is here on a scholarship to get her masters degree. it was a great opportunity for and she studies really hard. She starts to babysit for Maria and finds her husband attractive, but knows he is married and wouldn't do anything to ruin that happy family. if only the husband would stop hitting on her. A horrible night of babysitting she finds her self with a fireman who has the hots for her. after a couple of dates she finds out that this fireman is married! now heartbroken it is up to her room mate Ely to save the day. only Ely gets her in trouble and now faces the worst problem ever. getting kicked out of school. now she has to figure out what she is going to do next, while another british man comes into the picture!

Ely is Jessica's roommate she is from the south and is a wild child. She already flunked out of a ton of school and this all girl no drinking school her parents said will do her some good. Now she has her own moonshine she makes her own business deals with the freshman in her dorm. She tells everyone you only have one life and you better live it! Ely found herself a southern boyfriend who doesn't help keep her in check. She throws a party and convinces Jessica it will help her get over her breakup. the party gets out of hand she ends up getting them kicked out

while on holiday she invites jessica to come to her house because her father own the shampoo company and paid for her to go down there. She loves the hospitality, but finds out Ely's secret and cuts ties. Ely finds out she is pregnant and has to decide if she is going to keep the child or abort it.

this book will have you hooked from the beginning and have you laughing and possibly crying by the end of the book.