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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 Trafficked by Sophie Hayes

i have to say i am a big researcher on sex trafficking and since i have a criminal justice degree i love reading books documentaries.

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

this book is not for the weak minded. this book will make you cry, and it will make you think why didn't you do anything to help yourself. first off i have to say millions of run a ways, teenagers, or even adults can become a victim. look at prostitutes, some might no have a choice of what they do, and you will never know their story and think that they need help. once someone experiences such a trauma they have no idea how to even help themselves or even get help from others

this book is about a girl named sophie. She had a very bad childhood. Her father never wanted her. He treated Sophie like she didn't exist. He would drink a lot and sleep around on her mom. When her mom finally left him, he never talked to them again. All she got from him was being bullied and called lots of names. From the relationship Sophie had with her father caused her to have failed relationships of her own when she was older.

She fell in a love with a great man, but did everything in her power to push him away. they would break up and make up all the time because Sophie knew that she was pushing him away, but always wanted to know why he could love her. Finally after treating someone who loves you that badly, they finally just can't take it and leave. She knew that she lost the best thing that ever happen to her. One night she was at a club with her friends and this guy came over to talk to her. She refused to talk to him and he showed up every night she went out to the club and tried to talk to her.

He got her phone number and even went to her work. Finally, she gave him and started talking to him. His name was Kass. He talked to her for 4 years and became a best friend. Sophie could tell this guy anything. he helped her threw failed relationships and was a nice guy. He had her fly out to meet him and she had a great time. A couple months later he convinced her to fly out to Italy where he was living and see him again. They started dating.

this is were my heart broke, When she arrived in Italy things were great at first. then Kass told Sophie that if she loved him and she said yes. He then told her that if you love someone that you have to make sacrifices and do things that you don't want to do. he told her that she is going to make money for him to pay off a debt that he has. He made her sell her body on the streets. Sophie cried and refused to do it. She was beat horribly and forced on the streets.

This went on for a long time. When she called her mom she had to lie about how she was doing because Kass would be right next to her and listening to what she was saying. He said that if you tell anyone he would have someone kill her twin brothers. she was afraid for her family and continued to sell herself. She was being bullied by the police officers, and never did anything right when kass was around. No matter what she did like folding clothes, making diner or even bringing home money he told her she was stupid and couldn't do anything. He would beat her head into whatever he could get a hold of. He even put a gun in her mouth and said that he should just kill her because she was worthless. On top of the abuse she got from Kass. other prostitutes would hurt her and tell her that she doesn't fit in.

Sophie could eat or do anything but wake up and go back out on the streets. she lost lots of weight and became very ill. Kass refused to not let her work and would move her around a lot because the police were trying to arrest him for drugs. Finally one night she had enough of the abuse and finally took herself to the hospital. that is when Sophie was saved... or so she thought

when she thought everything was going to get better Kass came back looking for her. the life that she thought she fixed would now be changed forever....