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Sunday, September 1, 2013

birthday tradition

 A Birthday Tradition by J.T. Hall                                                             

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review...

WOW!!! this was another quick read. Don't let these little book fool you. They are great. They don't lead you and and they also don't leave you hanging either. Just what I like

this book is about a girl named Clarissa. It is her birthday. She invited a bunch of her friends over from work to her house. They are all enjoying a bunch of girly drinks. Clarissa is a Dom. Her husband will do whatever she says, and they are both very happy in their relationship.

Alan the happy husband was order to wear an outfit that made him look like Hugh Hefner. he didn't mind, but was wondering what his wife had in store for him. Well, once the party was in full swing Clarissa told the bunch of girls what she wanted for her birthday. She told Alan to get undressed and crawl up on the coffee table. All the girls from work cannot believe what she just said.

Clarissa made sure the girls were feeling comfortable and told them that they are going to be the ones to give Alan her birthday spankings. At first no one wanted to do it. Clarissa told them that she wanted to show first hand what she was bragging about at work and that Alan like being spanked.

So once all the birthday spankings were all handed up lets say Alan was "ready" to go :) now the five girls will have to figure out what exactly they are going to do with them before the party is over.