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Sunday, September 1, 2013

where my heart breaks

 Where My Heart Breaks by Ivy Sinclair                                       

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

this book is a great romance story. It has a story within a story. It is very emotional, and if you are not a chick lit kinda person this book might not be your cup of tea.

Kate was a good girl. She was the highest in her high school class, and got scholarships to where ever she wanted to go. She had everything going for her. That was until she met a boy. Then her junior year of college went down hill. She was drinking and making so many bad choices that she was going to get kicked out of college. Her parents where not happy. She had no choice, but to go back home for a little bit and get her life straightened out. She now has to live by the rules of her parents or they will not pay for her last year of school. Since she made bad choices her scholarships were cancelled so she would have no funding of her own.

Kate was seeing a therapist to help her deal with her break up and the choices that she makes. She is getting better with not blaming herself for everything and not have panic attacks when things start to go wrong. Her parents were going away for the summer so Kate was stuck driving to North Carolina to stay with her aunt who owns a bed and breakfast. She quickly realized that she was going to be in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.

Kate was suppose to start working at the Willoughby Inn. It is famous. Some author who lived there wrote a book, and when it got published the little town got famous and so did her aunts bed and breakfast. Tourists from all over will come and have their honeymoon and and vacations there for overpriced rates just so they say they could be there. Her aunt ran a tight ship. Kate's mother gave her aunt instructions about Kate and had to watch her to see if she is honestly making better choices, and ready to go back to school. Her mother's rules were very simple: NO BOYS, AND NO DRINKING.

Well, as you can tell Kate was not good at making good choices, she was working her way up to thinking she was ready to start a new. that was until she met Reed. He was dark and mysterious, and her kind of guy. He had huge arms, and a tattoo across his arm, and she couldn't help but swoon. HE was the town's handy man and worked at the bed and breakfast once and a while. He introduced himself to Kate and they became friends, just friends. He noticed that she was reading the famous town book. So he suggested that he take her to all the scenes that were in the book so her knowledge would be good for tourists. The problem was that they both liked each other. After one steamy kiss they were hooked. Kate wanted more, But Reed did not. He told Kate that he was not the guy for her and that she could do a lot better because he was not the dating type.
Well, Reed was the bad egg of the town. gossip spreads really fast there and her aunt told her to stay away from that guy. Hell, the whole town stopped her and said that getting mixed up with Reed is no good because he has a bad name when it comes to the girls. That any girl under 30 will have their heart ripped out and handed back to them. That made Kate more interested.

Her aunt was up to her own little match makings. There was a guy named Sam. He also worked for her aunt. he did the kitchen and the ordering. He was to show Kate how to do most of the jobs. He wasn't as handsome as Reed, but he had a cute nerdy sense to him. He liked Kate. He invited her to go to the bar at the end of town for some dancing since she has been working so hard. The next thing that Kate knew was that she was drinking. She wasn't suppose to be drinking. Reed came over and brought her a soda. Kate was mad at him for turning her down, so she made a big scene. Reed left and Kate ended up with a date with Sam. She was not happy about herself and noticed that she was going down the wrong path. Good thing that her best friend from new york is going to be coming down and saving the day....or wait making it worse...

this book will have you happy and angry with the way Kate behaves. She has to make some very tough choices with her life or she could loose it all. She also is in this love triangle. Don't let me fool you there is is a lot of twist, heartbreak, and big questions that still need to be answered, but i am not going to ruin the book for you. That is something that you are going to have to finish for yourself.